From coin dispensers manufacturer to system provider in passenger transport

The story of krauth technology GmbH has been closely linked to the history of public transport since 1926. The ever increasing demand for mobility has shaped developments in the public transport sector and as a consequence, the company history of krauth technology.

Over the years, krauth has evolved from solely manufacturing to being a system provider of innovative ticketing solutions. The company’s progression has been driven by ever shorter development cycles which in turn have influenced the development of the company. In particular this can be seen in the rapid growth of software development which now forms an important element of our success today.

Since 2016, krauth technology has been part of the internationally active DuTech Holdings Ltd. As part of a robust group of companies, krauth technology is now ideally positioned and continues to enforce its leading position as a system provider for public transport.



In 1926, with his brilliant invention of the “Gallopwechseler” Professor Alfred Krauth was inspired to establish a company for the production and sales of coin dispensers.  The company was originally registered in Stuttgart with the production plant in Mittweid, Saxony.  So, the foundations of today’s company had been laid and it was not long before Krauth’s products were being widely used in the public transport industry.


After the Second World War, the production of the “Galoppwechsler” (coin dispenser) had fully collapsed and the production facilities in Mittweida, Saxony had also been lost. Even though Professor Alfred Krauth was already of advanced age, he started to rebuild the company in 1948 at his summer residence in Eberbach. In 1950, Professor Krauth was joined by the engineer Otto Langkait, who took on the management of the technical side of the company. The inventions, technical drawings and constructions by Otto Langkait provided the decisive impulse for the further development of the product lines. Krauth’s products gained increasing recognition when the company started to participate in exhibitions and trade fairs. The products were used in almost every public transport vehicle in Germany. In 1951 Krauth presented their range of products to the public for the first time at the trade fair “Schiene und Straße” (rail and road) in Essen.

As the order volume grew and the demand for not only coin dispensers but also cash registers (FIX and LUX) increased, Krauth needed to expand and enlarge their productions facilities.   Adequate premises were sought and found at Ohrsbergweg 1 in Eberbach. The first Krauth factory building was constructed in 1954 and put into service in 1955 in Eberbach.

Many things changed over the decades...
... one thing persists: the quality of krauth products...

Our product development has always had to keep up with the permanent and on-going changes occurring in the transport industry.  For example, when bus conductors travelling on board with coin and ticket dispensers were replaced by stationary ticket sellers, the production and installation of pay desks became necessary.  Still later with the advent of one-man operations, where the driver sells and issues tickets, Krauth was able to produce the relevant technology.  
The further product development has always taken account of the permanently changing process within traffic companies. When personnel accompanying the vehicle and selling tickets with the help of a coin changer and a moneybox were no longer in service, the installation of stationary pay desks became necessary. Later then, tickets were no longer sold by special staff but the driver of a vehicle issued and sold tickets (one-man operation). In 1988 a second factory building was constructed, connected to the old building by a passage.

Sophisticated products in regard to expectations of quality, function and cost effectiveness necessitate the use of high-quality materials and components, state-of-the-art production lines and the commitment of skilled staff. To meet the requirements of modern production, a new production workshop extending over more than 3000 square meter was constructed in 1997.

In 1997, the existing quality assurance system was reorganized and completed in compliance with the internationally applicable guidelines defined in EN ISO 9001.


On the way to today's krauth technology GmbH...

The Krauth Consortium

In 1999, the companies Professor Alfreth Krauth Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Printon Elektronische Drucksysteme GmbH (subsidiary since 1998) and ART Automatisierung and Rechnertechnik GmbH (subsidiary since 1999) merged to form the Krauth Consortium. The merger aimed at achieving synergy by combining the technical expertise of the companies to optimize development potentials.

Company takeover by the Nußbaum Group

Krauth Apparatebau becomes krauth technology. The mergers desired effectiveness proved to be unobtainable and in 2008 the company was ultimately no longer in a position to achieve the necessary liquidity. Within the framework of a company takeover, the Nußbaum Group was prepared to take on the complex restructuring task and continued to run the company, under the leadership of Philipp Nußbaum as Managing Director.

Change of ownership to DuTech Holdings Ltd.

In 2016, Nußbaum Technologie Holding GmbH & Co. KG, sold krauth technology GmbH to DuTech Holdings Ltd. Investments and consolidation measures in the Nußbaum Group´s core business meant that the sale of krauth technology GmbH became necessary. Due to the growth strategy and the associated additional capital requirements of krauth technology GmbH, Nussbaum Technologie agreed to this transaction. Since then, we have been a member of a robust group of companies.