Speed, robustness, clarity - these are just a few of the goals that krauth technology achieves through a focused design of the device software. In-house teams of experts enable the highest quality to be achieved, while new functionalities can be integrated in an uncomplicated manner - just as your processes require. Whether as a flagship of your company through self-explanatory user interfaces or through clever auxiliary functions that accelerate the sales processes of your employees. The device software from krauth technology convinces with a focus on the features of the customer side.


Device software for the operation of ticket vending machines

The ticket vending machine software is a package of all software components required for the operation of a ticket vending machine. The SMART background system from krauth technology simultaneously enables efficient data supply and disposal. The devices can be additionally monitored via krauth monitoring.

Our vending machine software includes a driver for controlling the hardware, vending controls, service functions and communication systems to the background software. In addition, device monitoring, Ibis and the update and storage server (MDC - Master Data Collector) are among the relevant functions. The vending machine software is adapted to individual performance requirements by means of customer-specific web pages and operating sequences.


The vending machine software in our vending machines is based on the Linux operating system which ensures a stable software environment. The probability of malfunction is therefore significantly reduced compared to other operating systems. The software is also outstanding because of its compact system size and continuous hardware support. Thus, krauth technology GmbH relies on an optimal implementation of individual customer requirements.


Convincing operating concepts

The device software of the on-board computers and the mobile hand-held sales terminals offers a modern operating concept that can be easily adapted to individual requirements thanks to a wide range of configuration options. Thanks to the use of a uniform software solution, the user interfaces and processes of the on-board computers and the mobile terminals are identical, so that there is no need for any adjustment or familiarization period when changing the type of device.

Device software - matched to function and hardware

In addition to ticket sales and ticket control of all currents standard (VDV-KA, Swiss Pass, PKM, ...) our ticket machines are able, through their integration with external boarding controls, to perform other tasks.  

These include control of the vehicle environment (e.g., via IBIS or IBIS-IP), voice, text and data communication with ITCS control centers, communication with the background system (monitoring, data supply/disposal) and driver support during driving (route progression, navigation).


Android operating system as software platform

The Android operating system as software platform of the device is an Android system with extra encryption which, while maintaining data and manipulation security, provides all options for the use of parallel third-party software (e.g. special AVM communication) as required.


POS software for ticket sale “over the counter”  on ticket offices

The krauth technology POS software is a software application for stationary presales systems and supports transport companies in the sale of tickets and items.

The presale application is primarily intended for installation on touch-operated all-in-one POS systems, but can also be operated on a PC with Microsoft Windows XP or above. Its main feature is an intuitive user interface that provides all sales and system-relevant functions for smooth sales processing.

In addition, the device software supports the use of various thermal printers and is particularly well suited for the sale of season tickets and annual passes. For ticket printing  the point-of-sale application uses ticket layouts in XML format, which can be conveniently created and edited with our ticket layout editor. In addition to printers, VFD customer displays and Anker Euro cash cassettes can also be connected to the system. Through the connection to the SMART background system the POS System can be supplied with all tariff, route and productrange data that is processed in the system. Data disposal is automatically ensured.



Application examples

Presale - Select payment method

Presale - Display Cash balance

Presale - Display shopping cart

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