Stationary and mobile ticket vending machines

Our ticket vending machines - stationary, mobile, interactive and equipped for the future!

Our ticket vending machines - stationary, mobile, interactive and equipped for the future!
Whether stationary or mobile – the ticket vending machines from krauth technology enable easy ticket sales, no matter where.  While the mobile ticket machines are designed for use in trams, trains and buses, the stationary vending machines can be implemented at bus/tram stops, on station platforms or other local facilities.

Krauth technology manufactures innovative, future proof and multifunctional ticket machines in a wide variety of original designs and functionalities.  
All our sales devices are supported by a stable software system and are designed using high grade machine components.  Our impressive machines benefit from their high quality, functionality and ease of service and maintenance.


Both the hardware and software of the ticket vending machines have been developed and manufactured in-house. This enables us to respond to the individual needs and wishes of our customers and to offer them a high-quality complete solution.

In light of the changing payment requirements for ticket sales, various means of payment can be integrated into our systems: coins, banknotes, chip and credit cards as well as a contactless chip card system for eTicketing. All Tariffs can also be displayed in clearly arranged selection menus and the user guide can be operated via touch screen. For an individual design solution we are able to create the exterior of the ticket machines to meet our customer’s wishes.  




Stationary ticket vending machines

During the development of our stationary ticket vending machines, usability and functionality have top priority. In our production we rely on high-quality and innovative design to enable security in the case of vandalism and protection from the weather. Our company provides the highest level of competence in construction, development and production. That’s what you call “Made in Germany”.


Stationary ticket vending machine:

kt 0334

With internal door

The stationary ticket vending machine kt 0334 is even more robustly secured against burglary and vandalism with its internal door and 9-fold locking system. With its large-format touchscreen, payment options for coins, banknotes, chip cards, credit cards and contactless payment, it is particularly customer-friendly. Up to four different types of paper can be processed in the printer for cross-network ticket sales.


  • Internal door
  • 9-fold locking system
  • Compliance with TSI-PRM standard
  • High protection against vandalism and burglary by mechanical 5-fold locking and contactless electronic lock on the vending machine door
  • Integrated thermal printer with paper switch for 4 paper rolls and barcode recognition
  • Acceptance of various means of payment: Coins, banknotes, chip and credit cards
  • Optional integration of a contactless chip card system for eTicketing
  • User-friendly operation via touch screen
  • Flexibly configurable user interface of the sales display
  • Possible integration of a second screen for passenger information, advertising or video calls
  • Creative and unique design solutions possible in the exterior design
  • Service-friendly and faster part replacement

Additional equipment options:


AK 0332

The slim space-saving ticket vending machine

Wherever there is less space at bus stops or where customer frequency is low, our slimline ticket vending machine comes into its own. The components inside are largely identical to those of the large stationary machines - a clear advantage in terms of maintenance and spare parts supply. It has a large display with all payment options and data transfer options via mobile communication/GSM (GPRS, EDGE, LTE,...), WLAN, Ethernet or USB just as all other models.  In the case of the AK 0332 we offer an economically viable alternative for stations and stops which have low customer frequency.


  • Narrower, smaller and lighter than the large stationary vending machine
  • Operator/sales display with touch operation
  • Flexible design options for modern and clear selection menus of tariffs
  • Acceptance of various means of payment: Coins, banknotes, chip and credit cards
  • Contactless chip card system for e-ticketing can be integrated
  • Service-friendly due to fast replacement of vending machine components
  • Optimum burglary protection thanks to multiple locking systems

Additional equipment options:

Mobile ticket vending machines

The development of mobile ticket vending machines has been a huge achievement. This is because of the requirements which demand that the machines have to be light weight and compact, but still maintaining the functions of stationary terminals. Our expertise in ticket vending machine technology has enabled us to achieve this goal. Over time we have developed a range of different mobile ticket machines which differ in accordance to their size, functions and design. Our high standards of technology coupled with unique designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also significantly improve the ergonomics, user-friendliness and durability of our devices.

Mobile ticket vending machine:

AK 0328

Self-service ticketing for your customers

We could have called the AK 0328 mobile ticket vending machine Minimax, because it combines minimal dimensions and weight with maximum user-friendliness. The large touch-screen display makes ticket purchasing clear and easy. Despite its compact design all payment options - including contactless payment - are possible. Service convenience is also maximized - emptying and loading can be quickly done in just a few easy steps.The AK 0328 is impressive because of its innovative detailed solutions and forward-thinking features. It is already being used successfully by numerous transport companies.



  • Sales display with touch operation
  • Acceptance of different means of payment: Coins, banknotes, debit and credit cards
  • Chip card terminal for e-ticketing can be integrated
  • Service-friendly and fast replacement of vending machine components
  • Modern and clear selection menus for fare systems
  • Integrated burglar alarm unit

Additional equipment options:

Mobile ticket vending machine:

kt 0329

The compact variant of AK 0328

Our kt 0329 offers all features of kt 0328, but impresses with its even more compact format. Without compromising on quality, functionality or user-friendliness.

Of course, the kt 0329 offers all payment options, including contactless payment, the service convenience of easy emptying and loading and many innovative detailed solutions. With our kt 0329, the holding system has also been extended, making it easier to adapt to existing holding bars.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Holding system extended
  • Sales display with touch control
  • Acceptance of different means of payment: Coins, banknotes, debit and credit cards
  • Chip card terminal for e-ticketing can be integrated
  • Service-friendly and fast exchange of vending machine components
  • Modern and clear selection menus for the fare systems
  • Integrated alarm and signalling unit for burglary protection

Additional equipment options:

Mobile ticket vending machine:

kt 0350

The modern ticket solution for cashless payment on public transport

The kt 0350 cashless ticket vending machine can be used wherever payment by debit card or contactless chip card is required. Instead of cash, the kt 0350 is used for purely cashless payments with common non-cash means of payment such as GiroCard, Visa and MasterCard as well as GooglePay and ApplePay. Contactless payments with a mobile phone, smartwatch, or customer card are also possible. Due to its modular design and modern system, the device can be used as a payment terminal, information terminal or for issuing paper tickets. With minor adjustments the ticket vending machine can even be used as if it were a stationary machine. The kt 0350 is particularly impressive due to its contemporary design and its large touchscreen display. The display offers high user-friendliness and has additional space for advertisements and for communication with passengers.


  • Cashless ticket vending machine and information terminal in one
  • Contemporary and compact design
  • Large 32 inch color display with capacitive touch
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Low maintenance requirements and easy serviceability
  • Industrial components for extremely long spare parts availability
  • Flexible software architecture for connection to third-party suppliers or own interface

Additional equipment options:

Mobile ticket vending machine:

kt 0340

Cashless, small and ergonomic

The cashless ticket vending machine kt 0340 stands out especially for its size, weight and functionality. Despite its small size the ticket vending machine is equipped with the usual functions of a ticketing device and is even suitable for stationary use. The contact and contactless payment options via debit or credit cards guarantee fast and smooth ticket sales. In addition the system supports proprietary e-ticketing systems such as VDV-KA or Swiss Pass and is equipped with a 2D barcode reader.

After the transaction is complete the tickets can be printed straight away thanks to an integrated thermal printing unit. In addition to the smart user guide the high performance touch screen display has additional space for extra content such as timetable information, news, event information, travel tips and much more. Thanks to a plug & play concept the machine is extremely service-friendly. By simply sliding into position the kt 0340 can be put directly into operation during installation or after maintenance.


  • Compact dimensions of 400 x 660 x 220 mm
  • Lightweight at approx. 25 kg
  • 10.1 inch display with capacitive touch
  • Contactless and contact payment options
  • Plug & Play construction
  • Service and maintenance friendly

Additional equipment options:


kt 0341

cashless, robust, high user comfort

Our kt 0341 features a 10-inch multitouch display. The large display simplifies operation and guides customers quickly and easily to the required ticket. Payment is, of course, cashless and contactless via chip card or smartphone. The robust stainless steel housing protects the machine from damage or vandalism.


  • 10 inch multi-touch display for more operating comfort
  • Can be installed in buses, trains, etc.
  • Suitable for mounting on bus bars
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Payment via NFC technology for chip cards and smartphones
  • User-friendly system interface
  • Dual safety lock when opening for easy maintenance
  • Plug & play construction
  • High-performance thermal printer
  • Fire safety certified

Mobile Ticket Vending Machine:

kt 0345

Tap´n Go

Our kt 0345 is the combined ticketing system for purchasing and validating tickets. Our ID-based ticketing system (IDBT) offers passengers the opportunity to purchase and validate tickets efficiently - and completely cashless. 


  • Open Loop and ID-based ticketing system (IDBT)
  • Ticket sales and validation of purchased tickets are carried out using the passenger's personal ID via credit card, debit card etc., chip card, smartphone or QR codes
  • Enables pay as you go (PAYG) with best price guarantee and price capping
  • User-friendly interface, secure payment options, flexible fare options

Do you have any questions about our ticket machines?

We are one of the leading ticket machine manufactures in Germany.  We are able to produce machines from first drafts through to the finished product.  This also includes the delivery, installation and maintenance of the applicable operational management system.  Talk to us about your requirements and we will develop a solution to fulfill your specific needs.