To enable transport companies to easily simulate and update their sales systems quickly and easily without disrupting business, krauth technology offers additional software tools for individual workstations. Learn more about our range of testing options and auxiliary tools such as the ticket simulator and the ticket layout editor.

Ticket vending machine simulator

The simulation software for ticket vending machines

With the ticket vending machine simulator from krauth technology, you can easily test changes to operating procedures, ticket layouts, tariffs and tariff networks in a real application on your own workstation computer (Windows/Linux). The simulator contains the software and the parameters of the "real" ticket vending machine and reproduces the operating procedures "one-to-one" on a virtual interface. The application supports all vending machine software versions and uses the virtualization software Oracle Virtual Box for emulation. In addition, the same vending machine images are used as in the real devices, so that an optimal simulation is guaranteed.

Benefit from a complete simulation of your real system

  • Fast & easy simulation directly from the workplace
  • Time and cost savings through testing and simulation options on the PC instead of on a real device
  • Possibility to work in a team by simply sharing the vending machine images
  • Virtual ticket printing including record of issued tickets
  • Simulation of the complete payment process
  • Generation of shift and billing data
  • Data supply and connection identical to the "real" machines
  • Full integration into the krauth technology monitoring system

In the program interface different machine images can be installed and started. Also different actions and conditions can be set here. This includes activating the service mode, emptying coin magazines/filling funnels/BNV recyclers, taking means of payment out of operation, changing the vending machine location, changing the vending machine time, installing update packages and much more.

Application examples

Test possibilities for the workstation


View of a payment process (card payment) in the vending machine simulator

View of a payment process (cash payment) in the vending machine simulator

Ticket Layout Editor

The editor for creating and designing ticket layouts

The ticket layout editor enables the creation and customization of any ticket layouts in XML format. Using the graphical editor, changes made can be generated immediately without having to perform unnecessary test printouts beforehand. The customization options include setting permanent texts, changing font properties such as font type, size and alignment, and inserting images. It is also possible to process variables. Which allows variable text fields to contain different texts, depending on the ticket or printout, which is relevant for prices or ticket names, for example.

Advantages of the Ticket Layout Editor:

  • Full graphical editor
  • Application for all common operating systems
  • Intuitive operation
  • Print preview of the ticket layout
  • Possible arithmetic calculations with different variables
  • Exactly adjustable bar anchor points for a clean positioning of the ticket layout
  • Connection to SMART background system


Our Ticket Layout Editor is a Java application that can be used on all mainstream operating systems. The Ticket Layout Editor is a stand-alone solution and can therefore also be used independently of other krauth systems. Exported layouts can easily be added to the SMART background system and rolled out to different sales devices. Layouts created with the editor can be used by all krauth systems that already work with layouts in XML format. This includes our ticket vending machines, ticket printers and the advance booking system.

Application examples

View Ticket Layout Editor - Text Editing

View Ticket Layout Editor - Variable Explorer

View Ticket Layout Editor - Design Mode

Are you interested in our simulation software for ticket vending machines or the Ticket Layout Editor?

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