Vending machine project with Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Ticket vending machines from krauth technology take over ticket sales for local transport in the Stuttgart network/Neckar valley

In 2018 krauth technology was assigned by Abellio Rail Baden Württemberg GmbH to the manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of new stationary ticket vending machines including the associated operations management system. Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg is a rail transport company in the local rail passenger transport sector that belongs to the Abellio Deutschland Group and is based in Stuttgart.

A total of 89 kt 0333 ticket vending machines from krauth technology were delivered and successfully commissioned throughout the Stuttgart transport network/Neckar valley, which the Abellio subsidiary has been commissioning in stages since 2019.

krauth technology has already successfully implemented countless ticketing projects throughout Germany. The project with Abellio in Baden-Württemberg was particularly close to the heart of the provider of innovative ticketing solutions, because where else would you rather see your own solutions than in your own home county - the Neckar Valley. The course of the project was also more than satisfactory, comments project manager Abdullah Sidaoui, who accompanied the project from the beginning on the part of krauth technology. "Although each operational stage brought its own challenges, such as a new tariff integration of individual transport associations or the conversion to the product and control module (PKM), these were successfully mastered through close cooperation with the customer," adds Sidaoui.

The 89 brand-new ticket vending machines from the manufacturer krauth technology enable our passengers to reliably purchase tickets. We are very satisfied with the commissioning process of the machines, says Florian Ellenbörger Head of Tariff Sales and Revenue Management at Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg GmbH.


project profile

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  • customer: Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg GmbH

  • commissioning: 2018

  • delivery: 2019-2020

  • scope of service: 89 x stationary ticket vending machines kt 0333

  • equipment features:

    • VDV-KA
    • Product- and control modul (PKM)
    • EBE processing
    • State tariff Baden-Württemberg
    • Real-time timetable information
    • Equipment design
    • Painting & foiling of the vending machine fronts in the state design
    • LTE/LAN
    • Banknote processing
    • Payment terminal
    • 4-quadrant mode

Stationary vending machines in the country design

The black and yellow ticket machines

The new ticket vending machines are all designed in the state design and are intended to make it easier for passengers to find their way around the station thanks to their visually uniform appearance. The ticket vending machines include the new bwtarif and offer even easier ticket booking at the machine thanks to the contactless payment option and new, easier user guidance. A special four-corner mode also allows visually impaired users to operate the machines easily.


89 ticket vending machines at 60 locations in 6 associations

The new stationary ticket vending machines of the kt 0333 model series can now be found at a total of 60 locations in the "Neckartal" network and are available for classic local transport ticket purchases. The bwtarif for cross-network single journeys within Baden-Württemberg is also integrated into each machine and available to passengers.