Questions arising from a transport company’s decision to start using eTicket Deutschland’s services (VDV-Kernapplikation or sometimes VDV-KA for short), are often to do with the management and monitoring of the system, in particular proper functioning of eTicket checking, ticket sales and data flow.
Customers are able to use this service whether buying or validating electronic tickets or scanning hardcopies, for example barcoded tickets.  

The KA background system from krauth technology optimizes and supports the implementation, with increased efficiency, for the operation of eTicket systems. Being able to be viewed from multiple perspectives, ensures that the information provided, facilitates the system to monitor correct operation. All recurring processes can be automated, allowing companies to focus solely on monitoring and potential problem resolution.


The possibilities of the KA background system are manifold, here are  some  examples of its capabilities:

  • Manual or automated retrieval of blocking and action lists from relevant systems in the ION and forwarding to end devices.
  • Import and forwarding of required codes, certificates and cryptograms to end devices
  • Manual or automated transfer of transaction data (blocking proof, capture proof, action proof, sales proof, ...) from the end devices and forwarding to the relevant systems in the ION.
  • Own data storage with statistics on executed transactions and data transfers.
  • Monitoring of the end devices

The KA background system offers full flexibility as a web application. This means no installation on workstations and no dependencies on the company’s IT landscape.  The view into the eTicket system is so detailed and diverse that productive operation of the system can be monitored quickly and easily. All aspects of its operations have been taken into consideration, starting from the provided data and data flow up to its functions on end devices.

The eTicket solution is embedded in our background system SMART. Individual parts of the monitoring of the system take place in the krauth monitoring application. Although the validators, ticket printers, handheld devices and ticket vending machines from krauth technology provide optimized information to the KA background system, the background system can be adapted to the information provided by other end devices.

Application examples

Statistics of transactions (trip/block transactions) in the KA background system

Statistics of data transmissions in the KA background system

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