In the background of the extensive product family for mobile and stationary ticket sales, the proprietary background software ensures real-time management of operations, sales and ticket inspection. The underlying open-source client-server database enables smooth integration of the system into the customer's business software - without interface problems and with numerous functionalities.

The SMART background system handles the updating of fare and schedule data, billing, cash register management and statistics. The design and graphic user interface make operation by administrators and drivers intuitive and straightforward. Of course, the software is configured individually for each client. As a central management system, SMART provides all the mechanisms required to supply data to the sales systems and thus lays the foundation for successful vehicle operation, ticket sales and surveillance of any type of transport company!



Intelligent ticket solutions with system. Technology that is what it is called: simply SMART!


SMART uses

The back-office software collects all transaction, operational and error message data from the target devices and provides master data such as sales, operational, tariff and network data as well as software updates. SMART supports tariff changes, enables sales invoicing and at the same time provides extensive evaluation functions. Even the supply of further systems for transport companies is ensured via interfaces.


Applications that can be controlled via the back office:

  • Device-specific data generation and provisioning
  • Integration, management and processing of tariffs & networks
  • Installation and control of software updates
  • Creation of operating procedures and ticket layouts
  • Generation of device-specific billing and sales data
  • Monitoring and evaluation of operating status and sales of individual ticketing systems
  • Generation of reports on recorded operating data of the sales systems
  • User administration (personnel/driver administration)
  • Fault and system management
  • Data import & export from and to third party systems
  • Paper management
  • Simulation of ticket vending machine user interfaces

The SMART’S software applications, are arranged in a modular way and therefore scalable to different company sizes and requirements. Depending on customer requirements, "the SMART" can be individually assembled and configured. This structure allows changes and additions to the respective applications

System advantages of the SMART background system

  • Integration of different sales systems and software packages
  • Stable client-server database (open source)
  • Easy expandability due to modular software
  • Scalable to company requirements
  • Graphical user interface


  • Ergonomic, high-performance design and user-friendly interface
  • Import / export interfaces through neutral formats (CSV, X10, MS-Access, etc.)
  • Multi-client capabilities with individual access rights for individual clients
  • Extensive evaluation functions
  • Additional SMART editors and design modules for individualization of tickets, customer cards, user interfaces and reports


SMART system modules at a glance

Standard modules

  • Integration interface (start page)
  • User administration
  • Database management
  • Data management (online data transfer or offline via USB stick)

Additional modules

  • Tariff editor
  • network editor
  • Import modules (for network, tariff, driver data, etc.)
  • Driver & operator management
  • parameter module
  • Operator flow editor
  • Ticket layout editor
  • Barcode registration & tracking
  • Incident recording & evaluation
  • Driver account / cash register module
  • Inapplicable payment reconciliation
  • Device management
  • Shift and service completion tracking (SDM)
  • Paper management (paper, roll management, section tracking)
  • Statistics & billing module
  • Exports to external systems (ERP)
  • Ticket machine simulator
  • Voucher server

Some system modules briefly introduced

Tariff editor

The tariff editor is a module used to manage and edit all tariff data. After importing the fare data into the SMART background system's fare editor, it can be viewed there and edited if necessary. With the help of the ticket layout editor, graphical editing of ticket layouts is also possible.

Your advantages:

  • Data import via Excel tables, Open Office and derivatives, MS Access database tables, CSV files or XML files
  • Fast tariff and ticket configuration through simple user guidance
  • Manual implementation of new fares (types, relations, price levels and other properties) with small scope possible. Large-scale changes via interfaces in Excel
  • Integrated tariff version management and archiving
  • Compilation of several tariffs with different time allocations  
  • Falsification-proof sales statistics through activatable protection mode (=training mode) during data generation

Network editor

The network editor is used to control, edit and make available to the system, all the network data necessary for the operation of a sales device. Additional nets can be created, copied and deleted independently of the running system. Depending on the performance characteristics of the target devices, several networks (versions) can also be compiled and assigned to different time periods.

Device management

The Device Management module is able to extract and visualize information about the status of devices and their registered billing data. Missing, defect or incomplete data for given time periods per device or groups can be displayed and listed.

Parameter editor

SMART's "Parameter Editor" can be used to centrally manage, prepare and enable global parameters for target devices.  Uses of global parameters are for example in communication settings, IBIS settings and the activation of payment devices or individual payment types. After their activation the changed parameters are transmitted to the devices via remote communication or as an update via module or USB stick.

Paper management

The paper management module provides an overview of tickets sold, rolls used, roll types and their usage. In addition, gaps in barcode tracking can be identified.

Statistics & Billing Module

The SMART Back-Office offers comprehensive options for analyzing and evaluating sales. It is able to easily and clearly display evaluations of the various sales systems and recorded operational data such as sales, chip card issuance, valuation, registration as well as returns and credits.

Other features:

  • Representation of the evaluations in the form of a list or graphic
  • Representation of the data as a protocol
  • Evaluations with the help of different selection parameters
  • Creation of daily financial statements, monthly financial statements
  • Data export as CSV file and optionally to external systems
  • Customer-specific evaluations possible

Report Designer

The "Report Designer" module offers the user the possibility to visually adapt existing reports to their individual requirements or to create new reports from templates. The Report Designer is an optional extension of the statistics module.

Additional features:

  • Easy operation by means of "Drag&Drop" function
  • Available design view
  • Easy operation using rulers, guides, zoom, grouping and multiple copies
  • Sophisticated tool list for easy design
  • Individual color and text design
  • Integration of graphics and other graphical elements       
  • Support of calculations by a powerful "formula wizard”
  • "building blocks" available within multiple reports