Our voucher server provides you with a software solution that enables vouchers to be issued at our vending systems and significantly simplifies the management of missing receipts.

Voucher management made easy with the voucher system from krauth technology

In the event of a system malfunction or overpayment, vouchers can be issued at our ticket vending machines. These are registered with a unique nine-digit number and the corresponding amount on the installed voucher server. These vouchers can then be used directly at vending machines for payment or redeemed at a customer center. The vouchers are registered when they are issued or redeemed. They can be evaluated by your  service team and can be redeemed on other platforms and third systems such as PATRIS (Passenger Transport Integrated Sales System) or PT-COM.


The voucher server is usually installed on the customer hardware (the communication server MDC). The voucher data are stored in a database and can be managed via a web frontend. There, the status of a voucher (redeemed/controlled/suspended) can be looked up and the validity period can be set. In addition, transaction logs can be viewed. Furthermore, the web frontend offers a user administration with permission management.


Voucher search - Parameter settings - User administration

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