Account based ticketing amounts to a break away from conventional printed tickets. Printed tickets, which usually serve as proof of purchase, can be dispensed with and replaced by referring to a central database. This ticket system offers customers a wide range of convenient functions.  For example, payment options such as pre-paid or invoice payments in combination with a best price system. This makes using the transport service easier, user friendlier and more attractive.  Ticket recovery is also made simpler with reference to the database, this function can also be initiated by the customer themselves by, for example, using an app.


Benefit from an account-based ticketing system!

The simplified operational process ensures efficient sales and effective ticket inspection. Transparency in the use of choices for the customer enables the optimization of ticketing offers and further reduces unnecessary costs.



The implementation of the account-based ticketing solution is possible through our background system. This makes ticket management for ticket inspection, charging, pre-paid payments, post-paid payments and a best-price system feasible.

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