Modern technology for easier access to public transport

A check-in/check-out system (CiCo for short) or be-in/be-out system (BiBo) is an electronic ticketing system and enables passengers to use buses and trains conveniently without having to purchase tickets beforehand. Only a login and logout procedure via an app/customer account is required and the fare is automatically determined at the end of the journey. With the introduction of an electronic ticket with automatic fare calculation, not only will ticket procurement be more convenient for the passenger, but the entire ticket sales process will be more efficient.

We produce systems and software according to the german standard "VDV-Kernapplikation'" for transport companies and their partners.

krauth technology recognized the trend towards electronic fare collection early on. Our devices as well as our software are developed according to VDV-KA and thus offer transport companies a secure connection to the (((eTicket system. As an experienced and competent manufacturer, we support our customers in establishing their check-in/check-out or be-in/be-out system.


Electronic ticketing includes three different implementation stages. Cashless payment, the electronic ticket and automated fare calculation. However, the benefits of the (((e-ticket for the passenger only really come into their own with automatic fare calculation. For this purpose, the check-in/check-out and be-in/be-out procedure according to the standard of the VDV core application is used.

To ensure that customers pay the correct fare can be accurately calculated, as the stops where they get on and off for their journeys are recorded for each trip. The passenger is thus spared the process of buying tickets, paying in cash and selecting the correct fare. In addition, the passenger does not have to deal with the widely varying fares (in Germany), as the valid fare product is automatically calculated by the system.


Check-in/check-out procedures

Active check-in and check-out processes on board or on the platform


With a check-in/check-out system, the customer can actively log on and off at terminals with his or her electronic ticket when boarding or disembarking. Special user media and procedures are available for this purpose, with which bus and train journeys can be recorded. By actively "checking in," the passenger confirms the start of the trip and thus consents to the acquisition of a travel authorization. This is done, for example, by holding the chip card against the area marked on the terminal and signaling the acquisition.

With the VDV-KA based system, tickets can be stored and read via RFID and near field communication (NFC). It can also be used to determine fares automatically. Since the card or smartphone only needs to be held in front of the reader, the boarding process is simplified and accelerated.


Be-in/Be-out procedure

Automatic presence detection in the vehicle




Compared to active registration and deregistration, a be-in/be-out system offers automatic detection of the passenger's presence in the vehicle. Radio detection is used to determine the presence of the user and to communicate with the background system of the ticketing system. The system automatically detects at which stops the customer gets on and off the vehicle - without any affirmative actions on their part. This allows the route to be recorded and the fare to be calculated and charged automatically. All the passenger has to do to get on and off the bus is carry a smartcard or smartphone, which he or she can leave in his or her pocket.

We promote the development of ticketing systems and offer the check-in/check-out system as a complete solution!

Both our on-board computer kt 0101 and our check-in/check-out terminals kt 0113 & kt 0114 can be used as hardware for the CiCo system. As an experienced manufacturer of software and hardware components, we can specifically adapt the software to the respective hardware. The data processing is carried out via our SMART background system.


Advantages of eTicketing systems in public transport

The modern technology for CiCo as well as BiBo systems offer a number of advantages, especially for passengers. Not only is it fast and uncomplicated, but it also offers several billing options, such as automatic best-price billing. For this every boarding and alighting from the means of public transport is recorded and the best possible fare is determined.

For transport companies, the initial conversion to an electronic ticket system entails high investment costs. In the long term, however, this will be offset by lower distribution, maintenance and service costs and greater security against counterfeiting, which will minimize financial risk. In addition, new opportunities arise for attractive fare structures and for standardizing and simplifying ticket acquisition. Other persuasive advantages lie in in the customer relations sector: customer acquisition and retention. All in all, both the CiCo and BiBo systems lead to more efficient and convenient public transport.