Video consulting is a service aimed at customers seeking help. It enables efficient and individual customer support and can be integrated into various systems.
This also applies to ticket vending machines from krauth technology.


By integrating video telephony, the entire sales process can be supported at the ticket vending machine. Whether via live video call or a simple call without video, passengers can quickly and easily get in touch with a customer service representative at the device and receive direct support for ticket purchases or questions that arise.


When it comes to services, customer satisfaction is the top priority. That is why ticket purchasing is to be made even more pleasant and easier for customers. The feeling of personal and individual advice via video chat will increase customer satisfaction!

Digital customer service on the platform or in the travel center - with the integrated telephony function on the ticket vending machine.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Connection to the travel consultant with just one click of a button
  • Fast live advice and information on ticket purchases
  • Reduction of uninformed ticket purchases
  • Relief and possible cost reductions in travel centers
  • Easy handling for rail passengers
  • Can be retrofitted to all current krauth ticket vending machines
  • Affordable solution also for small, medium and large companies
  • Flexibility in the equipment of the devices (with/without video transmission, with/without remote control)
  • Complete integration of the remote control into the krauth monitoring system
  • Additional advertising and information space through second display

The solution for efficient and individual customer support at the ticket vending machine

The connection of the service functions (from simple telephony to video-supported calls to complete remote control of the devices) can be implemented in all ticket vending machines from krauth technology. Depending on the equipment and customer needs, the functionalities can also be retrofitted to existing systems. All in all, an affordable and flexible solution for all requirements.


Telecommunication with live sound and image transmission including server for managing multiple calls and automatic feedback for calls outside service hours.

Optional built-in cameras allow the customer service representative and the passenger to see each other. In addition to being able to answer questions, tickets or other documents can thus be held up to the camera to clear up any further ambiguities. This makes the passenger feel not only competent, but also personally advised.

For easy use of video consulting, a second screen - usually with 15" screen diagonal - is required at the ticket vending machine. The video transmission takes place in the HD standard "HD720" /1280+720, 50Hz, 34.6Mpx/s. During the call the volume can be adjusted, after the call the volume is reset.

Remote control and operation

In addition to the video chat function, the video advisor also possesses full remote control of the device, giving the travel advisor access to the sales process. This allows the passenger to be guided and assisted through the ticket purchasing process.

With additional access from the customer advisor to the device monitoring system, all important information about the machines can be called up directly. The customer advisor can see how much money the customer has already paid or how much still has to be paid and can give instructions accordingly and check the ticket printout. The connection can be interrupted at any time by the passenger or customer service agent. If the customer breaks the connection, the ticket vending machine returns to the start screen. The video customer advisor closes the connection after successful assistance.

Profit twice over!

The integration of a second display on the ticket vending machine not only supports ticket purchases and thus customer support, but also provides additional space for other services.

Additional advertising, information space

With a second display, you get the opportunity to provide customers with additional, dynamic & static content (e.g. timetable information, news, event information, videos,...). At the same time, you can use the screen as an advertising medium and thus generate additional revenue.

Higher user friendliness

The second display on the ticket vending machine relieves the main screen, which otherwise tends to overwhelm the customer at the ticket machine with a lot of passenger information. More space makes the passenger information clearer and easier to read. Even for passengers who are not in the immediate vicinity of the ticket vending machine.

Do you have any questions about implementing the video advisory function on ticket vending machines?

Our sales team will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.